Our specially carbonated growlers allow you to enjoy our delicious fresh draught craft beers at home without having to invest in expensive equipment.

The beer is delivered in recyclable PET bottles following a process to ensure the beer maintains its carbonation. Bottles can be returned to us where they are sterilised and reused.

The special growler dispenser taps purge the bottle of oxygen and allow for filing the growler with CO2 gas, then filling the growler while maintaining positive pressure. This maintains the CO2 level and avoids oxygenation which will keep the beer fresh for up to five days in the fridge.

Sold in 1L or 2L growlers, we rotate our craft beer offering regularly, always with an emphasis on the great new independent Irish breweries. Check out our social media posts for up-to-date information on our tap lists.

Available for collection at Pipers Corner Wednesday to Sunday (local delivery service will resume in 2022)