May 11, 2021by Pipers Corner

With the explosion of craft breweries in Ireland over the past 15 years the argument that there was something fleeting about the phenomenon has long been put to bed.

A Dublin pub, run by Dubliners, Guinness remains central to Pipers and we are committed to delivering – consistently – an excellent pint of stout. We also stock all the main market sellers from Heineken and Bulmers.

However, Pipers Corner is a pub of choice and we believe that choice must extend to the great independent brewers in Ireland who have transformed the drinks landscape.

The proliferation of small scale beer makers will no doubt stall naturally and we expect that there will be a consolidation of the industry. However, there’s no doubt that a wide range of locally produced, wonderfully crafted Irish ales is here to stay as Irish consumer tastes continue to develop.

Since opening, Pipers has offered an ever-changing line-up of craft beers on tap, primarily those brewed in Ireland. There’s no doubt we have our favourite breweries – Kinnegar, Larkins, Four Provinces, Wicklow Wolf, White Hag, Trouble Brewing among them but tap rotation is part of the package and there will always be something different to try while catering for the regular front-runners like Kinnegar’s outstanding Rustbucket or Scraggy Bay.

We also have our imported preferences, chief among them the great beers from Brew Dog in Scotland and US delights Sierra Nevada and Founders.

Along with our draught offering, Pipers stocks an array of bottled and canned Irish and international beers. In particular we sell the full range of 9 White Deer gluten free bottled beers produced in the West Cork Gaeltacht of Múscraí.

While independent brewers continue, unfettered, to experiment with ever more elaborate recipes, one noticeable trend has been beers brewed with a lower ABV while not sacrificing taste. A number to the fore among these have been Larkins Revolver 4% (originally Dog Days), Kinnegar Skinny Legs 3.5%, Whiplash Session IPA 3.8%, White Hag Little Fawn 4.2% and most recently Fad Lae Session IPA 4% made by Dublin brewery Four Provinces.

If you can’t get to Pipers, you can now of course sample our great craft beers by ordering draught beer growlers or bottled/can beers online from Pipers Corner Shop.