May 12, 2021by Pipers Corner

It’s been a very difficult time for musicians, particularly professional artists who rely on public performance. It has also been a very restrictive period for traditional musicians who place great value on being able to gather informally and share their music with each other.

Live traditional music is at the heart of Pipers Corner and as soon as our doors reopen musicians will return nightly, enjoying that precious collective experience. And customers will be able, once again, to appreciate the unique atmosphere generated by great music.

There has been some phenomenal nights of music in Pipers with many of the country’s finest practitioners performing for themselves, for their fellow musicians and for discerning listener and visitor alike.

The sound of tunes will shortly ring out again in Pipers heralding a new dawn and a bright future for this important meeting point in Dublin. Ní fada uainn anois é!