May 20, 2021by Pipers Corner

The Irish phrase in am an ghátair or ‘in a time of need’ came to mind when the shutters came down on Pipers Corner due to the public health crisis in 2020 and 2021.

In response to the inability to trade normally, one of our owners, Eamonn Briody, who is jointly running Briody’s Pub, a family business in Marlborough St for over 35 years, came up with the idea of bringing Pipers to our customers.

What prompted the idea was Eamonn coming across the wonderfully titled ‘growler system’, a method of carbonating bottles of draught beer it can stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge.

This system works by purging the oxygen out of the growler before it is filled. This helps prevent the beer from becoming oxidized, which buys that precious time and allows the customer to enjoy delicious draught ale at home without having to install expensive awkward apparatus.

Along with the traditional beers, Pipers Corner has always had a strong selection of craft beer on tap with an emphasis on the great Irish independent breweries and by installing ‘growler taps’ we commenced a delivery business of fresh draught craft beer to customers all over Dublin, marketing the products on our social media platforms.

And over time we added a selection of good value, tasty wines and a range of canned beers. Now we have taken it one step further by developing the online Pipers Corner Shop, with a broad range of our favourite products and an online order/payment facility and plans to enhance our delivery capability.

Now we hope to take the taste of Pipers not just to customers in Dublin but nationwide and internationally with our Pipers Gift Boxes and Pipers Whiskey Selection.

It is our aim to continue to develop the shop and growler collection business alongside our popular city centre traditional music pub to cater for the evolving trends in the drinks industry and customer habits.